About Us


Founded in 2009, Affarii Technologies (Affarii) supplies signal processing, silicon and software solutions to the wireless infrastructure marketplace. We are specialists in adaptive signal processing, digital transmitter design, and Software Defined Radio (SDR) technology.

With strong industry partnerships, Affarii provides customisable silicon and IP solutions as well as full reference designs to product designers and OEMs. Our engineering team has an extensive track record of delivering cutting-edge designs to clients ranging from technology start-ups to blue chip companies.

Headquartered in Cambridge in the United Kingdom, Affarii is an export lead company supply customers in Europe, North America and Asia. We develop products for the Mobile Infrastructure, Digital Broadcast and Wireless Access marketplaces.

"Affarii", "Affarii Technologies" and the Affarii brand are trading names for Affarii Technologies Limited, a privately held company registered in England and Wales.


Affarii has developed an extensive range of Digital Front End solutions for all major wireless telecommunications sectors based on our flexible DigitalTRX™ (DFE) processor core.

DigitalTRX™ supports all major front end processing capabilities:

  • DxC - Digital Up/Down Conversion.
  • CFR - Crest Factor Reduction.
  • DPD - Digital (Adaptive) Predistortion.
  • HSI - High Speed Interconnect via CPRI and JESD.

Focus products include Remote Radio Units (RRU) and Active Antenna Arrays (AAA) for Mobile Infrastructure, and advanced linearisation and efficiency enhancement for high power broadcast transmission.

The Affarii digitalTRX™ DFE processing platform provides a leading high integration, low power, low resource solution for new communication products. Affarii also provides DFE reference designs for WCDMA and LTE products based on digitalTRX technology.